Pocket Metrologist™

Introducing the Pocket Metrologist suite of tools. Metrology is the science of measurement, and like most science involves a bit of math. The Pocket Metrologist tools are mobile applications to perform these calculations. Every tool is free and ad free.

Documentation of the math used will be provided here for every app. If you have a question or want to suggest a new tool, send an email from the Market.

Thermometer Calculator

Calculate temperature from resistance or resistance from temperature given calibration values for:

  • PRT using Callendar-Van Dusen equation
  • PRT using ITS-90
  • Thermistor using Steinhart-Hart equation

Save and load thermometer coefficients. Convert CVD coefficients between a-b-c and α-δ-β equations.

Humidity Calculator

Calculate between humidity values at different temperatures and pressures. Convert between %RH, dew point, frost point, PPMV, PPMW, and vapor pressure. Optionally displays WMO humidity and enhancement factors. Performs calculations for a two temperature, two pressure humidity generatior.

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