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Self motivated leader who develops people and processes as well as products.

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A Work In Progress...

My portfolio, a product of my skills and experience, is always a work in progress. I am accustomed to independently researching topics relating to my work, and am able to learn new systems, software, and technology in minimal time.

I always endeavor to be an expert in my field.





I have demonstrated leadership in the workplace by proposing and implementing standards and procedures for various facets of the design process including an engineering change process, test procedures, software coding standards, and an entire laboratory quality system. I am always looking for ways to improve the products, tools, and procedures of my business. One of my goals for any job or project is to help the people that I work with learn new skills and develop good habits that will help them in the future.

I have led teams for two competition projects; the Walking Machine and the ASME Student Design Competition. I have led several other group projects in school. I took an active role in Student Senate, and am directly responsible for a significant dormitory improvement. I was the first student at LeTourneau to double major in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and negotiated the degree requirements with the administration.



Fluent in C, C++, BASIC, shell scripting in Windows and Linux, GNU Make, and assembly programming. Extensive experience with assembly and C programming on AVR, 6811, Z80, PIC, MSP430, and 8051-based processors. C experience includes programming microcontrollers without OS and on uC/OS-II, Linux software, and Windows applications. Experience programming in C# and Java including Android.

Extensive web development experience with HTML, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Flash, JavaScript, and CSS. Experience includes corporate, academic, and personal web sites.

Extensive experience in PC hardware, software, and networking in Windows and Linux systems. Engineering software includes Matlab, GNU Octave, and Gnuplot for data analysis, PSpice circuit simulation, Maple, Orcad Capture, Micro-Cap, Eagle capture and layout. Extensive experience with Excell and VBA.

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Experienced with circuit design and simulation, PCB layout and production, microcontroller interfacing and programming, and robotics applications. Specific experience includes processor motion control, digital sensing and measurement, and processor interface design. Experience designing and debugging switching power supplies, EMC design and testing, serial protocols (I2C, SPI, RS232, Modbus, etc), and mixed signal circuits. I am an expert at troubleshooting both electrical and mechanical devices.

Drafting experience in Solidworks, AutoCAD, Microstation, and Mechanical Desktop.

Named on US patents 8024982, 8024986, and pending application 20110005313.




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