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Self motivated leader who develops people and processes as well as products.

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A Work In Progress...

My portfolio, a product of my skills and experience, is always a work in progress. I am accustomed to independently researching topics relating to my work, and am able to learn new systems, software, and technology in minimal time.

I always endeavor to be an expert in my field.







Vistage Key Executives Group (2015 - Present)
Peer group for mentoring and training of high level managers and executives.

Halma Management Development Program

Public offering of Stanford's "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence"
(Fall 2011) Final score: 98.6%

M.S. Level Electrical Engineering Classes
University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington TX
Cumulative GPA: 3.875/4.0



B. S. Engineering, ABET Accredited
Double Concentration in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering
Minor in Mathematics
LeTourneau University, Longview TX



  • GRE Test Scores: 790 Math, 770 Logic, 580 Verbal
  • Passed FE exam in Spring 2002, Registered Engineer-in-Training
  • First Place, 2002 SAE Walking Machine Challenge
  • Third Place at Finals, 2001 ASME Student Design Competition
  • National Merit Scholar





DMX-512A Lighting Controller (Fall 2007)

This was the class project for a graduate level microcontrollers class. The requirement was to build a controller(master) and device(slave) that communicated via the DMX-512A protocol using a PIC microcontroller. The protocol is used for control of stage lighting. My solution was a single unit that could act as either master or slave and could control two servos and a three-color LED. The units would also identify the number of slaves attached and display that number on a seven segment display.

DMX-512A Controller


ZBoard (Fall 02 - Spring 03)

Working alone, I designed and constructed a single board computer based on the Z80 processor. I added an ISA interface built from discrete logic for PC based programming and debugging. The board featured a memory banking system, including a memory expansion header. I wrote an operating system completely in assembly to demonstrate features on board. I also wrote a Windows development environment, integrating an assembler and providing a plethora of debugging tools.


Walking Machine (Fall 01 - Spring 02)

I was the Electrical/Software Team leader for this Capstone Engineering Design project which competed at the 2002 SAE Walking Machine Challenge. The project was an autonomous walking robot, which was required to complete a series of challenges. The project won First Place, Best New Design, and two competition event awards. It was the only machine capable of completing an obstacle course that was designed with the intention of no team finishing. Innovative design elements included IR triangulation for absolute positioning, stereoscopic sonar for locating objects, and multi-processor control.

I was responsible for management and design in electrical circuitry, assembly software for motion control, C software for autonomous decision making, and some mechanical tasks.



Walking Machine


ASME Student Design Competition (Fall 00 -Fall 01).

I was the team leader of a design team developing a fishing pole casting machine for the 2001 ASME Student Design Competition. Project took first place at the regional competition and third place at the international competition. Project included video targeting and precision mechanical release timing. I was personally responsible for electrical systems, machining of mechanical parts, and presenting the project .



Other Projects

A major project for Engineering Design Lab was to build a Rube Goldberg style machine to accomplish a simple task through a complex set of steps. My project shot a ball through a falling hoop, dropped a bowling ball to catapult a miniature bell tower, and smashed a clock with a sledgehammer. The project used over fifteen electromechanical interfaces.

For another team project I designed and built a stirling engine based on the Fluidyne series of engines produced by Harwell research laboratory. This 'seesaw pump' would oscillate back and forth when one side was exposed to a heat source.

Other personal projects have included a digital thermometer, a 10W audio amplifier, a variable frequency function generator, a digital door lock, a crystal oscillator, and a ten band variable envelope graphic equalizer.



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