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Our project did well from the beginning. In our class competition we scored 158.5 cm. We improved significantly at the regional competition for a score of 90 cm. This included at least one cast of 0 cm, and was the best score of all the competitions. (Note: the international group reported a lower score, however they sent in videos rather than competing.) We had high goals and high expectations for the final competition. Unfortunately, we scored a dismal 267 cm. This was still good enough to get third place, with winner scoring 218cm. Our showing at the final competition was the worst-case score for our machine. In pre-competition trials, our machine consistently scored under 100cm while being, under a variety of conditions. A couple of factors were directly involved in the failure. Occasionally, as a cast was being made, the line snagged on itself as it was unspooling. This resulted in the lure landing short of the target. We lubricated the line and reeled it in with some tension on it to overcome this, and yet it happened twice during the competition. The other factor was operator error. This was the wildcard in each team's performance. Since I had hardly slept during the preceding week (literally), I was probably not functioning up to par. After recovering from the disappointment, it is some consolation that our machine was both the most advanced and the best built at the competition.